Monday, July 6, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo's Presentation at the Bernabeu: Whats all the fuss about?

I was watching Lost as I usually do on a Monday evening, when during an ad break I decided to quickly check out I was quite surprised to see a Live Feed for Ronaldo's unveiling as a Real Madrid player but what really took me by surprise was the big fuss that was being made about this event.

According to reports 75 000 Madrid fans made their way into the Santiago Bernabeu, the scene of Real's embarrassing 6-2 defeat against Barca, which some believe sparked Perez' quest to rebuild the Galactico Era.

The Portuguese winger was given a huge welcome which has only previously been seen at Diego Maradona's unveiling at Napoli. Which begs the question. What exactly has Ronaldo done to deserve this type of ceremony? That's a question for another day though as I'm sure I'll only come across as a bitter 'pool supporter for questioning Ronaldo's status as a football 'God'.

Ronaldo's first words as a Real Madrid player were somewhat low key, the player looking intent on just enjoying his special moment. You know, the one he's dreamed about since he was a wee toddler.
"Good evening. I just want to say, I told my friends that I was going to be very natural. Well, I'm just so happy to be here. For me, I have made my childhood dream a reality, which was nothing less than playing for Real Madrid."

"I didn't expect a jam-packed stadium. This is truly impressive!

"Thank you very much, and I'm going to ask you all to say with me - I'm going to count to three - to say Hala Madrid. Ready? One, two, three - HALA MADRID!"

So touching....

He has been handed the number 9 shirt(Raul wears number 7) and said that he was not too concerned about keeping his number 7, which has earned him the moniker CR7. It turned out to be quite an occasion tonight but I still don't see what all the fuss was about, after all Manchester United now posses arguably one of the most feared goalscorers in Europe in the form of Michael Owen.

Good luck to Ronaldo on his new adventures in the Spanish La Liga, the Premier League will miss you....well so I've been told.

The 32-Page 'Brochure' that convinced Ferguson to sign Michael Owen

I don't usually post links but I couldn't stop laughing after reading through the official 32 page Michael Owen 'brochure' that his agents drew up. It's no secret that I'm a Liverpool fan and I'll even admit to worshiping Owen back in the day(I've got the OWEN 10 shirt to prove it!)

I was a bit too young to witness Fowler in his prime thus making Owen was my first Liverpool 'Hero' and it will hurt to see him wearing the Red of Manchester, but that's life I guess and at least we can make fun of him!

I came across this 32 page brochure and It really had me in stitches! Legend has it that Fergie decided to sign Owen after reading this brochure. It introduces Owen as "The Athlete, The Icon, The Ambassador" then goes on to add(in English, Italian and Spanish) that he is "One of the most feared goalscorers in the world". They also claim that Owen is now "fully fit" after playing in77% of Newcastle United's games last season...try telling that to the Toon supporters!

On Page 5 they go on to state that Mickey should be regarded as highly as the likes of Fernando Torres and Cristiano Ronaldo! "Michael Owen is a global Football star. After David Beckham he is the second best known English player in the world" they claim. Guess they've never heard of Wayne Rooney or Steven Gerrard then? Straws. clutching. at.

The rest of the brochure consist of more ludicrous claims and lots of slides showcasing his 'impeccable' goal scoring record(he scored a whopping 8 League goals last season) and some quotes from Doctors claiming that he is now truly cured from all injuries.

No wonder Fergie couldn't resist signing Michael! Check out the complete 32 page Brochure HERE.

I've been lazy.....

I've just realised that I haven't updated the blog in a while. I'm not going to make excuses but I will say that blogging aynt easy.
Many people have the misconception that if you have a blog you can earn thousands of dollars a month in your spare time. They couldn't be more wrong!

Blogging is hard work for very little reward in my opinion but I do this because I love it, well most of the time at least. I haven't been writing the past week because of pressure at work, and it looks like being another hectic month at my new job.
I have however been doing a lot of reading over the past couple of days and I've really enjoyed the content on blogs like soccerlens, epltalk and arseblog (to name but a few).

Great blogs with excellent content. Anyways it got me thinking that I need to step up my game and publish more articles. Let's see how that goes.....