Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Galacticos II as Ronaldo joins Kaka at Real Madrid

Somebody clearly failed to inform Real Madrid President Florentino Perez that we are in a recession. Two days after breaking the World Transfer Fee Record by signing AC Milan’s Brazilian attacker Kaka for 56 million pounds, the old geezer has gone and smashed that Record with a 80 MILLION POUND deal for Cristiano Ronaldo.
We discussed the possibility of the deal happening within the next couple of days in this morning’s edition of Thursday Transfer Talk, and only a couple of hours later the deal was announced to the world via a statement on Manchester United’s website:
"Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of 80 million pounds for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid," said a statement on its website, under the headline "Reds accept 80m pound Ronaldo bid." read the statement
I’m sure there will plenty of coffee-soaked keyboards in offices today because to put it bluntly, that is a fucking lot of money for one football player! Let’s put it into perspective by looking at how much Real will be paying for Ronaldo by looking at the amount in four of the major currencies:
  • 80 Million Pounds
  • 130 Million Dollars
  • 94 Million Euro’s
  • 1, 05 Billion Rand
It’s been two hours since news of the deal broke and I’m still trying to digest this. Perez has walked the walk and talked the talk in his bid to rebuild the Galacticos and he looks set to returning Madrid to their former glory. I doubt we will ever see two bigger transfers than the ones Perez just pulled off, unless they manage the impossible by prising Lionel Messi away from Barca in a similar fashion to how they signed Luis Figo all those years ago.

Rumours are that Perez still has some money to burn, with Valencia’s David Villa or Inter Milans Zlatan Ibrahamovich likely to be the next Galactico.

Watch this space….

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