Thursday, June 11, 2009

One year to go until the 2010 World Cup Kick's Off!

It feels surreal but there is EXACTLY a year to go until we host the World's biggest Sporting event right here in South Africa, the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
It seems like it was only yesterday that Fifa President Sepp Blatter opened that envelope and announced that "Sud Africa" would be hosting the first Fifa World Cup to be hold on the African Continent.
It's been an amazing journey thus far, with lot's of difficulties faced along the road. The Integrated Rapid Transit(IRT) system has emerged as one of the single biggest threats to us hosting a successful World Cup, but there are still concerns regarding the level of crime, while difficulties with handling the influx of fans into the country are also expected.
Then there has also been the occasional strikes from the Stadium Workers and one or two(okay a good couple!) complains regarding the ticket buying process.

Despite all these difficulties, the 2010 Local Organizing Committee has gone about doing their job to ensure that we will be ready come until 2010.
The Stadiums are ready, all 10 venues being ahead of schedule, with 5 of them already completed. One of them, the Nelson Mandela multi-purpose stadium in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape province, was unveiled this week ahead of the Confederations Cup.

I'm 100% confident that we will be ready come 2010 and I've already got my grubby paws on a couple(5) of World Cup Tickets, but I'm still hoping to score one to the final of the World Cup. Let's hope lady luck smiles at me during the Third Phase of the 2010 World Cup Ticket Sales.

Bring on the 2010 World Cup. WE ARE READY!

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